About Lena Pope

More than 90 years of experience in child and family services guide our current efforts to improve child well-being here in Tarrant County. We use evidence-based, research-tested programs focused on prevention and early intervention services that support child development and improve the behavioral and mental health of children. Our Mission is to help create hope, happiness and success for children and families.

Our investments in kids and families start by assessing how well a child or family is functioning during daily life. Let us demonstrate by using a simple analogy we use with children every day –

the Engine Check:

If YOU were an engine in a vehicle, how well would your engine be running?

Too LOW?

Do you feel worn down? Sad? Do you lack motivation to accomplish your goals? Are you not enjoying things you used to enjoy?

As hard as it is to face, many kids suffer from depression.

Our Emotional Well-Being teams work with kids every day to build healthy coping skills so they can safely process their emotions and get their engine running well again.

Just Right?

Do you feel happy? Do you feel like you can reach success and achieve your goals?

This is where we want kids’ “engines” to run.

When kids feel safe and have the right skills in place, they can navigate new challenges and keep their engines running just right.


Is your stress level running high? Do you feel anxious or get easily upset when things don’t go your way?

When kids’ “engines” are running too hot, their behavior may turn aggressive or explosive.

Kids need help to process big feelings and learn how to regulate their emotions and behavior. Our behavioral well-being teams can help families decrease problematic behaviors when kids’ engines run too high.

At Lena Pope, our professional staff use a variety of age-appropriate techniques to meet kids where they are, so it’s easier to partner with them and get their engines running smoothly.

Contact Us if you’d like to discuss how your child’s engine is running.

Child Well-Being

At Lena Pope, we believe that children possess unlimited potential and are worthy of our investments. But we know that, just like adults, children in our community face adversity. We also know that reducing the damaging effects of these negative experiences is critical to adult success, later in life. Promoting well-being requires deep understanding in order to address child, youth, and caregiver functioning in physical, behavioral, social, and cognitive areas.

Lena Pope uses nine decades of experience in child and family services to inform our current efforts to improve child well-being here in Tarrant County.

What is our model?

We believe investing in kids now leads to happy, healthy, and successful adults later. We believe providing proactive services and support to improve the emotional, behavioral, and intellectual well-being of kids ensures the largest returns on our investments and keeps kids on a path toward success.


decreasing problematic behaviors


improving school readiness and success


increasing child and family resiliency