Our nonprofit organization is governed by a volunteer board of directors and led by a professional staff all dedicated to improving our community for kids and families!

Staff Leadership

  • Ashley Elgin, Ph.D.

    Ashley Elgin, Ph.D.

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Shnease Webb

    Shnease Webb

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Todd Tudor

    Todd Tudor

    Chief Finance Officer

  • Cathy R. Sheffield, CAP, CSPG, CFRE, FCEP

    Cathy R. Sheffield, CAP, CSPG, CFRE, FCEP

    Chief Advancement Officer

  • Vicki Sendejo

    Vicki Sendejo

    Chief of Education Services, Chapel Hill Academy

  • Nancy Burmaster

    Nancy Burmaster

    Director of Administrative Services and Board Liaison

  • Jennifer Carpenter

    Jennifer Carpenter

    Director of Early Learning Programs – Sanguinet

  • Mariah Esquivel

    Mariah Esquivel

    Director of Early Learning Center – UNTHSC

  • Keegan Hand

    Keegan Hand

    Director of Development

  • Katye LaNier

    Katye LaNier

    Director of Marketing and Communications

  • Stacey Lewis

    Stacey Lewis

    Director of Counseling and Substance Use Services

  • Sonya Mosley

    Sonya Mosley

    Director of School and Community Based Services

  • Adreana Nash

    Adreana Nash

    Director of Finance

  • Robert Ramirez

    Robert Ramirez

    Director of Human Resources


Board Leadership

  • “For 90 years Lena Pope has served local children and families with excellence. An organization that began as a refuge for just over 20 children has grown to include a wide range of prevention and early intervention programs that serve nearly 4,000 clients annually. I believe our growth is a testament to the people and the culture embedded at the core of Lena Pope. I’m thankful to play a small role in this great organization.”
    Alex Armstrong 

  • Carlo Andreani

    Program Committee Chair

  • Alex Armstrong


  • Kaydee Bailey

  • Joe Breedlove

  • Glenn Darden

  • Mark Denton

    Vice President

  • Jonathan Deweese

    Development Committee Chair

  • Jim Estill

  • Rosalind Evans

  • Mary Carolyn Gatzke

  • Sarah Gentry

  • Pamela Gilchrist

  • Joni Thompson Horton

    Secretary and CHA Board Committee Chair

  • Rudy Jackson

  • Julie Kleberg

  • Vanessa Gomez-LaGatta

  • Jody Lancarte

  • Raven Lancarte

  • Erma Lee

  • Marty Leonard

  • Justin Malone

  • JoAnn Means

  • Ellen Messman

  • Belvia Moody

  • Judy Needham

  • Julie Piggott

    Chapel Committee Chair

  • Pamela Pigman

  • Tony Pompa

  • Robin Reed

  • Austin Reilly

    Nominating Committee Chair

  • Abby Rodgers

  • Omar Rosales

  • Corey Scott


  • Mark Shelton

  • Marce Ward

  • Laura Wood

  • Stephen Zimmer