Our nonprofit organization is governed by a volunteer board of directors and led by a professional staff all dedicated to improving out community for kids and families!

Staff Leadership

  • Ashley Elgin, Ph.D.

    Ashley Elgin, Ph.D.

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Shnease Webb

    Shnease Webb

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Todd Tudor

    Todd Tudor

    Chief Finance Officer

  • Vicki Sendejo

    Vicki Sendejo

    Associate Superintendent, Chapel Hill Academy

  • Audrey Alloway

    Audrey Alloway

    Principal, Chapel Hill Academy

  • Nancy Burmaster

    Nancy Burmaster

    Executive Administrator and Board Liaison

  • Jennifer Carpenter

    Jennifer Carpenter

    Director of Early Learning Programs – Sanguinet

  • Mariah Esquivel

    Mariah Esquivel

    Director of Early Learning Center – UNTHSC

  • Keegan Hand

    Keegan Hand

    Director of Development

  • Stacey Lewis

    Director of Counseling and Substance Use Services

  • Sonya Mosley

    Sonya Mosley

    Director of School and Community Based Services

  • Adreana Nash

    Director of Finance

  • Robert Ramirez

    Director of Human Resources


Board Leadership

  • “It is a pleasure to be surrounded by such a talented group of individuals that have a passion for the children and families Lena Pope serves day in and day out. This organization has been around for 90 years and we, as a board, have a duty and responsibility to ensure leadership has the tools required to continue the legacy of providing hope, happiness and success throughout our community for many more years to come.”
    Austin Reilly 

  • Carlo Andreani

    Program Committee Chair

  • Alex Armstrong

    Vice President

  • Kaydee Bailey

  • Joe Breedlove

  • Tim Carter

  • Glenn Darden

  • Mark Denton


  • Jonathan Deweese

    Development Committee Chair

  • Jim Estill

  • Rosalind Evans

  • Mary Carolyn Gatzke

  • Pamela Gilchrist

  • Joni Thompson Horton

    CHA Board Committee Chair

  • Rudy Jackson

  • Julie Kleberg

  • Vanessa Gomez-LaGatta

  • Jody Lancarte

  • Raven Lancarte

  • Erma Lee

    Nominating Committee Chair

  • Marty Leonard

  • Justin Malone

  • JoAnn Means

  • Ellen Messman

  • Belvia Moody

  • Judy Needham

  • Julie Piggott

    Chapel Committee Chair

  • Pamela Pigman

  • Tony Pompa

  • Robin Reed

  • Austin Reilly


  • Abby Rodgers

  • Corey Scott


  • Jay Shellum

  • Mark Shelton

  • W. Forest Tempel

  • Marce Ward

  • Susy Weaver

  • Laura Wood

  • Stephen Zimmer