• Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP)

    The Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP) provides a behavioral and therapeutic intervention in an academic setting for youth involved in the juvenile justice system. The program is administered by Tarrant County Juvenile Services, who contracts with Lena Pope to provide behavior intervention for students. This program is designed to promote grade-level academic progress, improve attendance and classroom behavior, and address other child or familial needs.

  • Second Opportunity for Success (SOS)

    Lena Pope operates a proprietary behavioral intervention program called Second Opportunity for Success®, that prevents future criminal behavior in youth first offenders. This program uses an intensive counseling and skill-building curriculum that involves both the youth and their families. In Second Opportunity for Success®, youth and families learn valuable skills to improve their relationships, their school performance, and their behavior. For seven weeks, youth and their families attend small groups. The group topics are based on proven methods of preventing youth criminal behavior.

  • Project SAFeR

    Project SAFeR (Safety and Family Resiliency) assists families dealing with childhood problematic sexual behaviors (PSBs). Project SAFeR provides assessment, education, and treatment planning, utilizing a comprehensive family-centered approach to serve both children and their parents/guardians.

    Project SAFeR
  • Play Therapy

    Play is a child’s natural language; toys are their words and play is their language. Play is a natural process that assists children with cognitive, behavioral, and emotional challenges. Play therapy helps children build trust, foster learning and acceptable behaviors, regulate emotions, promote creative thinking and problem-solving, and elevates spirit and self-esteem. Through play, a therapist is able to enter the child’s world to help them safely process their experiences and develop lifelong strategies.

  • Problematic Sexual Behaviors

    Description TBD

  • Substance Use Services

    Lena Pope provides supportive outpatient substance use services for adults. These services are available to individuals who meet the criteria for substance use or dependent diagnosis and who do not require in-patient services. These services are group-based and utilize a curriculum that focuses on triggers, relapse prevention, anger management skills, coping skills, drug education, and depression management.

  • Functional Family Therapy

    Functional Family Therapy is a short-term, research-tested counseling program offered to at-risk youth and their families through partnerships with Tarrant County Juvenile Services and Texas Juvenile Justice Department. This therapy approach is provided in clients’ homes and focuses on building family’s strengths in improving relationships and family functioning.